• Image of Ginkgo Notebook

The ginkgo notebook was originally a commission for one girl's 30th birthday. It was inspired by nature, China (ginkgo is China's national tree) and a quote from The Great Beauty, a wonderful Italian movie, which says that "roots are important".

As a believer in function and simplicity, I create paper goods that both look good and do their job well. I hope they are used, not stored away as something "too pretty". They are meant to be more wabi-sabi than perfect.

The Ginkgo Notebook - thanks to its perforated pages - can be used up to the very last page and have its covers and remaining bits of pages (after you tore out what you need) recycled afterwards. The spine has been glued and then stitched for sturdiness and there is a white, textured page underneath the black cover for extra support.

All paper - except from the hard back - used for this notepad is reclaimed. I worked for a print house that employed and trained people with mental health needs. Sadly, it was closed down and I inherited paper that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill. This notebook utilises this paper which has been hand-trimmed by me in my studio.

The cover was designed and made by me.
The stitch design is by Becca Hirsbrunner, made by me.


Paper notebook with Japanese binding. Cream, thin, perforated pages,

Handmade, hand-bound, hand-cut.

Number of pages: 30 (60 sides, front and back).
Size: approx. 18cm x 22cm (7" x 8.6")
Cover type: soft front, hard back.