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Origami Notepad is a smart little jotter for all those to-do lists and ideas that can't wait until later. With thick, perforated pages to suit all needs.

As a believer in function and simplicity, I create my notepads to both look good and do their job well. These Origami Notepads can be used up to the very last page and have their covers and remaining bits of pages (after you tore out what you need) recycled afterwards.

Paper notepad with Japanese stab binding. White, heavy paper, perforated pages, soft front cover and black cardboard back cover. Three different cover options.

Handmade, hand-bound, hand-cut.

Number of pages: 23 (46 sides, front and back).
Size: approx. 11cm x 17cm.
Cover type: soft.

Shipping costs:
UK: £1.80
Outside of UK (Worldwide): £5.00